Swagbucks Rewards – Info & Tips



Looking to get an easy (and we mean dang easy) way to earn $5 in gift certificates (Amazon, Walmart, Target…etc) every 2 days? We normally don’t promote too many rewards programs, only programs we have used and received freebies from. After cashing out with almost $100 in Amazon and Walmart gift cards last month we figured it was time to let our freebie friends who haven’t heard to get in on the action.

Swagbucks have been around for years. They have paid out almost $70 million in free gift cards and they are still going strong. But now it is easier then ever to earn without using anything but your tablet or phone. You can make enough points for a $5 gift card every 2 days.

How to earn gift cards the easy way:

  1. After signing up Download the “Swagbucks TV” app, the “EntertaiNow” app, “Moviecli.ps” app, and the “Sport.ly” app for your android or iOS tablet or phone. (These are all from Swagbucks so they are good to go).
  2. Run the apps whenever you are not using your tablet or phone. You can get a max of 50SB points from SBTV, 120SB from EntertaiNow, 20SB from Moviecli.ps, and 20SB from Sport.ly EACH DAY!
  3. Do the daily poll each day for a quick couple points.
  4. Print grocery coupons from their site and earn 10SB for each coupon you redeem while grocery shopping. (Real grocery coupons, like $1 off Pop-tarts, $0.50 off Pillsbury… etc)
  5. Refer friends and family and get them on the action, too.

Extra Signup Bonus: Signup using my referral link and get bonus sb points to start. Then use bonus code “GetGiftCards” when it asks if you have a bonus code, that’s another 50SB points right there.

Note: Most gift certificates are 500SB for a $5 card, but the $5 Amazon.com gift cards are only 450 (up to 5 a month) so grab those first and then get whatever store you love the most for the rest of your SB points.

Referrals are one of the other ways to earn SB points, and the above links are my referral. If you signup let me know and I will glad to help you out with more tips.
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