Perk Rewards – Info & Tips



If you are looking for a way to make a few extra spending dollars without much work Perk really is a great reward program. You can signup for here (using my link gets you bonus points to start, so make sure to grab them).

You’ll be rewarded for doing things you’re already doing online; searching, shopping, watching videos, referring friends and taking surveys. They also have a mobile apps to get you more rewards, very quickly. The mobile app is the secret to earning the most points.

How Much Will You Earn?

Obviously the more you do on the site and the more you use the PerkTV app the more you’ll earn, so I can’t give an exact number, but I’ll say that most people are getting $15 – $100 a month. Not enough to retire, but definitely enough to take your family out to the movies, go to dinner with your significant other, or buy a new game/app.

What Rewards Can I Earn?

Perk does not mess around with rewards. There are a TON of different store to choose from. The most popular seem to be Amazon, Target and Walmart, but they also have gift certificates for IHOP, Overstock, GameStop, Nike, Kmart and many (many!) more. To top it all off you can cash out with for as little as a $2 Amazon GC if you want, no need to wait til you have $25 or $50 like some places.

They do offer Paypal as a reward, but it cost much more than a normal GC so I wouldn’t recommend doing it. When you redeem Paypal it takes 9000 points for a $5 Paypal deposit, but redeeming for an Amazon gift card (or almost any other GC) will cost 5000 points for the a $5 gift card, so it cost almost twice as much to get it.

How Long is the Delivery Time For a Reward?

Perk sends out rewards every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So as long as you redeem your points before midnight the day before redemption day you get it the next day. Example: Redeem your points Sunday night, get the reward Monday morning. Redeem your points Wednesday you get them Friday morning.

It’s absolutely the fastest I have ever gotten rewards from a program, ever!

Ways To Get Rewards:

  • Searching via or Perk Toolbar
  • Watching Videos (Computer & mobile)
  • Download & Use the Perk Browser (this is a skinned version of Google Chrome)
  • Download the Perk Lock Screen App for your phone/tablet.
  • Doing FREE Special Offers
  • Doing Trial/Pay Special Offers
  • Using Your Tablet or Mobile Phone
  • Referring Friends
  • Shopping

Tips to Get The Most Rewards:

Download the PerkTV app from iTunes or Google Play to make an unlimited amount of Perk points by watching videos on your phone or tablet. You can use it on all your phones or tablets, up to 5 devices per account. You just turn it on and the app runs tons of videos, from movie trailers to trailers for new apps. You can earn tons of points a day just by letting it run when you are not using your phone or tablet for other things.

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