GameHouse Games:

Some of the most addicting games on the internet. Games require either shockwave, flash or java enabled browsers. Have fun!

Take out the building blocks in threes before they get to the top. If you like this, you'll love our SUPER version!
Don't blink: You've got time to make links, by playing Glinx!
Quick, what words can you spell with "QMZYXL"? If you like this, you'll love our SUPER version!
Bounce Out!
Swap, pop, bounce. Line 'em up and bounce 'em out, before everything explodes. Great for you Superball fans.
Gem Drop
Drop the gems, don't let them drop you. If you like this, you'll love our SUPER version!
The next Rubik's Cube? Looks simple, but it's difficult to win.
What words can you make? Play this game of Collapse-ing letters.
Mah Jong Solitaire
Same classic game with exciting new features!
Candy Cruncher
How much candy can you crunch in this highly addictive game!
See how many rats and other ugly creatures you can bludgeon with a baseball bat.
Hop into a 20-ton tank and wreak havoc on a bunch of other punks in tanks. It's fun, and we wouldn't say that if it wasn't true.
Pick your numbers and see if you win. Better than roulette because TWENTY balls are drawn. Just like the real thing, but free!
Barroom BlackJack
You don't find Blackjack games like this too often. A single deck game with an honest dealer. Bet up to $200.
Think you'll get lucky against the one-armed bandit? Think again! But with 5 lines, you get lots of coins!
Play your favorite number. Or all of them. This game can seem intimidating at a casino, but it is very simple
Table Poker
Jacks or better. A very tough game of poker. Not for the tame of heart
The original dice game. Throw the dice and try to win the big money. Just watch out for the snake eyes. When you roll an eleven, say "Yo!"
Caribbean Stud
Poker Caribbean style. You see all of your cards, but only one of the dealer's. No draws, just guts. Can you handle the heat?
21 blitz
A very fast paced game. Arrange the cards to create rows and columns that add up to 21.
Stars and Stripes Slots
Celebrate Old Glory and remember that 4th of July is never too far away at the beginning of July.
Klondike Solitaire
The classic form of Solitaire. You and a deck of cards, alone in room, only one of you will come out.
Turbo Golf Solitaire
Lay down your cards before the clock runs out!
Golf Solitaire
Try out this fun and unusual version of Solitaire. No clock to beat on this game, just yourself.
Addiction Solitaire
Got an hour or two to kill? If not, you better not try this game. Our most addicting game yet.
Winning Shot Basketball
Don't grow up like Shaq. Practice those shots.
Winning Shot Football
Be the hero or the chump. Kick it between the posts, or be disgraced.
Winning Shot Golf
Putting to the extreme. Think you can make par?
Winning Shot Soccer
Kick some grass! Try to get the ball past the goalie.

   More Kewl Flash Games . . .

Puzzle Games

Flip over the tiles and match the sea creatures! Yes, you can do it, but not as well as I can! 

Crossword Puzzles  
Only WIMPS click the "reveal" button! 

Flip It!  Flip all the disks until only the white ones show. 

Mah Jong (Classic)  
Match tiles to eliminate them. Then, do it again. 

You'll be dreaming black and white dots after this addictive classic. Flip, flip, flip. 

GameHouse Scramble  
Simple, but it's still a classic. Unscramble the image. 

Don't be a square, try to fit different shapes together in lines. 

Play this strategy game against the computer (also see the multplayer version in the multiplayer section). The rules are simple: you are not as smart as the computer. 

Word Find  
Help! My words are lost! I need you to find them. 

Card Games

Pyramid Solitaire  
Another kind of solitaire, but this one is much too hard for YOU. 

Action Games

Solve the maze, eat the grub! Navigate the ant through the maze before time runs out! 

Protect your cities at all costs. Keep them safe from a barrage of missile and bomb attacks. 

Knock 'Em Out  
Use the ball to knock out the bricks. 

Mars Lander  
Be one of the first people on Mars! Now you can, but watch that landing.  

Speedway Rally  
Speed around the track without collision. Sound easy? Did we mention the track was a figure 8?  

Urban Tarzan
Get to the exit without being hit, rolled or dropped. 

Casino Games

Deuces Wild
In this video poker game, all deuces are wild, so let your cards fly! 

Duffer Slots
Traditional slot machine, at least if you are into golf. Putter this! 

Jacks or Better
Another Jacks or better game, but it's the video version. No crooked dealers. 

Paigow Poker
A Poker game played with 7 cards. Arrange your cards to beat the dealer, but you've got to follow the rules.  

A barroom and bowling alley favorite. Pull and peel your way to a fortune. 

Vegas BlackJack
Blackjack, Vegas Style. 6 Decks, High Stakes. Bet from $100 to $1000 on this game of both skill and chance.  

Vegas Solitaire
This stud version of Solitaire is for the real pros. One time through the deck. Earn your money back as you place cards on the foundations. For the more tame of heart, check out Klondike Solitaire

The latest craze in Vegas is this gambling version of the classic kids game. But this time, the dealer holds all the cards. 

Golf Scratch Tickets
Scratch and win. For all you duffers, this theme is for you. 

Irish Scratch Tickets
Scratch and win, and may the luck 'O the Irish be with you. 

Vegas Scratch Tickets
Scratch and win, Vegas style.